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The Athena Brass Band is the first all-female brass band in the United States, named after Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom.  The band was formed in 2003, by Laura Lineberger, to perform at the International Women's Brass Conference with Anita Cocker Hunt as conductor. This successful debut resulted in many more invited performances and several commissioned compositions. Jessica Sneeringer has been the music director of Athena Brass Band since 2012. The musicians include current or former members of the U.S. Army Band, the U.S. Coast Guard Band, Brass Band of Battle Creek and the New Sousa Band.  There are several college professors and public school music educators, conductors, music therapists, a sound engineer, a music publisher and a composer; also a nuclear physicist, a biologist, a sociologist, an MBA and an author.  Most of the ladies also play with a NABBA brass band.

The organization

In 2021 the members of Athena Brass Band appointed a Board of Directors, currently Amber Love (President), Gail Robertson (Vice President), Laura Shea-Clark (Secretary), Naomi Jarvis (Treasurer), Jessica Sneeringer (Music Director), Laura Lineberger (Founder), Colleen Callan, Amy Cherry, Theresa Hanebury, Joanna Hersey, Amber Love, Emily McGinnis, Jen Oliverio, Emelie Pfaff and Rachel Zephir. The band was incorporated in the State of Texas and obtained 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in 2022. Our bylaws are here.

Athena Brass Band is committed to championing the advancement of woman musicians and composers by commissioning and promoting compositions and arrangements, and offering performance opportunities.

How Athena works

After finding a suitable venue - it must be able to provide rehearsal space for two or three days prior to performance, assistance in sourcing large percussion instruments locally, inexpensive housing options and a nominal fee for our immediate expenses - Athena gets to work! This group is unique in that it draws a selection of musicians from many parts of the United States and beyond for each performance. Whenever and wherever Athena Brass Band gets together to rehearse and perform, audiences are delighted with Athena's zest and love for music.

The Athena Brass Band is dedicated to promoting the growth of woman musicians in the world of brass banding, and to providing opportunity for those newer to the field to gain experience. For each performance, the personnel committee invites a combination of past and new performers. To express interest in joining Athena, complete the contact form.

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